Bridge to the water

Düsseldorf & Weimar, Germany / 2021-22
Documentary short film, 19 min, color, digital 

a film projekt by Maud Canisius & Paloma Llambías
Research, voice-over, interviews, script, sound recordings – Maud Canisius 
Film concept, camera, sound recordings, montage – Paloma Llambías
Music design – Renè Schwolow
Voice-over recording – Benjamin Kurt Miller
Sound mixing – Chris Kuehlmann
Color grading – Adam Streicher

Bridge to the water is a video essay in which an explorer encounters a water landscape in a highly industrialized place. As she walks along the river, she takes the viewer on a poetic journey that traces the many connections one can build with a place.

Maud Canisius is a landscape artist and architect and Paloma Llambías is a media artist and film editor. They met during their studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar where they developed a friendship and a collaborative process that led to this project.
‚Bridge to the Water‘‚ is the outcome of a two year long collaboration, in which the unpredictable was the creation motor. In 2020 Maud was starting her Phd research on how people perceive the slow changes as a result of climate change along the river Rhine, with walking as a tool for artistic research. Paloma was interested in documenting Maud’s process to better understand how filmmaking (filming, staging, directing, editing) can dialog with artistic research. After Corona and some drastic changes in the development of the project, the result is this video essay, in which the artists invite the viewer to decelerate, to walk slowly, to observe and let the senses be taken by the rhythms of the river water.